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Computer Store

Technology Services

850 Pro offers several technology services and is also a Microsoft partner. We want to be your IT person. 

We can identify several types of systems. In some cases, small businesses may lose key personnel who were the account or password keeper for pieces of their network. 850 Pro will document your components and help secure those passwords. Knowing you have this under control, lightens the burden of running your business and also, makes things easier when you need help. When there is an issue, the first questions are about how to access your systems. 

Whether you have an IT guy, Geek Squad, or somebody's nephew, it pays to work with someone who has experience in business networks. 

Backup Cellular Internet

850 Pro is a partner with Akative with great pricing.

Akative provides several cellular internet backup options. The main one we deploy in the Rocket Fusion device. It has two cellular accounts from separate providers to insure you have the best connection when your main internet goes down.  In the event of your internet cable or fiber provider fails, the cellular will kick in and you can keep your business running. 

Contact us for more details about how you can have this service cheaper than any major carrier. 

Flawless WIFI

Networks today must have WIFI as a component. In most cases for small business, the WIFI is coming from an internet service provider modem or router. These do not provide adequate coverage and are often in the wrong location. Our networks are designed for your space to provide great coverage with the latest hardware. An ISP has to service a large number of users and the hardware they deploy is years behind current standards. When our hardware is combined with our backup internet, an internet outage will not take down your business or even be noticed. As an Omada partner, we can design the right network for your business. 

Other Talents

Our Owner, Marc Levesque has other talents besides his 20+ years working in computer repair and business networking. He also works as an operations manager for Tropic Property Consulting.

This property management company has some high profile buildings and tenants like the Panama City Beach Chamber building, The VA, Customs Border Patrol, Homeland Security and more. 

In his duties, Marc maintains and repairs, camera systems, access control,  as well as other building systems. This experience allows him to identify and work with just about any system we encounter. There are not many IT people with this knowledge and experience. 

Image by Etienne Girardet
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