• Marc Levesque

6 Tips Before Selling Your Home

  1. Meet with your agent I am trained to help you take the right steps to sell your home.

  2. Pre-Qualify to Buy Things may happen quicker than you think. you need to be ready to get into your new home. I can provide you with the right people to offer the correct type of loan to make a smooth transition.

  3. Price Correctly The only way to price your home correctly for the market is through research. Price too high and your home will sit on the market and get stale. Too low and you will leave money on the table. When your home gets listed you can capture the excitement by having open houses and marketing to get the right buyers.

  4. Pre-Inspect place yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. you would have expectations about a home you are about to purchase. make the needed repairs so there are not surprises after it is under contract. making a mistake here can cause delays and possibly the sale.

  5. De-Cluttter You have great style and family but, recognize the need to de-personalize you property for when people look at it. People want to imaging themselves in a home. Personal pictures, etc can be distracting.

  6. Professional Photography If all realtor could take professional pictures, they would be photographers. Just putting a fish eye on a camera does't do the trick. your pictures are your first impression to a potential buyer. a professional real estate photographer can capture your home so that you put your best foot forward.

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