Deeper dive

Passionate About Inspiring Others

It seems like forever ago that I lived a landlocked life. How could I have done it for so long.


Way back in 2005 my wife and I have 2 choices for our next career path. It would be between California and Panama City Beach. California always seemed to have something happening either terrible or great. As for Panama City Beach, I had never even heard of it. PCB was just a 5-hour drive from Atlanta so, it was the first to visit. We packed up the kids, tried not to leave them on top of the car and headed down to the redneck riviera. (Yes, that was the label I was given for the area.)


Upon arriving in Panama City Beach, I was immediately hooked. This area truly has the most beautiful beaches anywhere. The old family plan for us was to move somewhere for 5 years and then explore opportunities elsewhere. My butt has not moved from here since but, that does not mean I haven't been busy. I worked remotely for an IT company in Atlanta for a while and then landed a network admin job for Comcast Cable. From there I moved to where I designed and maintained the tech from phone systems to server rooms. One would think I would have stayed in the I.T. Biz but, things change. 

Mid 2016 I went to work with TropicPC in Property Management. This switch was huge but, it also happened to be my wife's company and was something I believed in. The information technology world was not left behind. I quickly found that the experience I gained working with alarms, physical secure access, fire, network and telecom were extremely useful in the world of real estate in general.

Real Estate really started to get under my skin so, I went and got my license as a Realtor as well. In 2017 I joined up with Anchor Realty Florida. This was a pretty good match up. Anchor has been flexible and I have been able to help them as well using my technical experience. You can always hire an I.T. person but, when they are part of the company, they have a vested interest in improving things.  I enjoy selling not just for the return but also, being able to provide services. People work hard to achieve goals and to realize their dreams. Being a real estate agent, I  help people make those dreams a reality.

October 10th 2018 will be a day the community of the panhandle will remember.  Though this was a disaster of epic proportions as a category 5 hurricane, there was the spectacle of people coming together from across the nation. It was truly an inspiring and life changing event. 

I brought in Del Gallo Construction group from Pensacola to work on our tenants, The Department of Children and Families and the FL Early Learning Coalition. There was a lot of damage and half a roof missing on the 30,000 Sq Ft building. Jonathan Del Gallo and crew were on sight with a count of 5 managers and scores of laborers. There was just one issue. There was nowhere for them to stay. So, I opened my home. Over the next 25 days, I got to know the crew pretty well and was offer a position with them.


If you were keeping count, I now had 4 jobs. The construction side was something I never imagined I would get to from being an I.T. Guy just a few years earlier....hurricanes, go figure.

As we start getting into the present, things are calming down. The rebuilding effort is moving along but I want to do more. I have also realized I am a serial entrepreneur. 850 Pro is the single banner and culmination of all the services I can offer. 

Things have come full circle and I now work with businesses to repair and replace their computer networks. I specialize in stabilizing and creating solid WIFI networks.