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Cloudy Ocean

Internet Always

Here in the Florida Panhandle, we get storms and sometimes hurricanes. Today's businesses depend on the internet to be able to make sales. When the internet goes down, business owners have no way to know if the credit card being used is even valid until they get back online. For this reason, we must always have internet. 

Failover Cellular Internet

Even business class internet services can go down unexpectedly. This can be due to weather events, car accidents or construction mishaps where a line gets cut. In most cases, an outage may be brief but, sometimes an outage can be hours or days.

For longer outages, your business could be crippled. You may use some backup procedures for taking credit cards and hope they all go through later. When the internet does come back, you are likely going to pay higher transaction fees for those charges you took when you were offline. The worst is when a card should have been declined entirely. For these reasons 850 Pro is providing a cellular internet backup solution.  

As a partner with Akative, we can provide RocketFailover. In the simplest terms, RocketFailover is cellular internet. The right equipment has been combined in packages that will fit your network needs. The result is that when the internet fails on your main provider, you automatically switch over to cellular. You can still do your transitions and print your receipts. When your main internet provider comes back online, you automatically switch back. Unlike a mobile hotspot, this is always on and ready for you to use. our recommended package actually uses service from different internet providers. The FusionTM simply will use the best available provider. 

RocketFailover FusionTM

Fusion allows you to utilize your existing firewall with RocketFailover. It’s a low-cost option for businesses who already have dual-WAN capable firewalls or businesses who have more complex networking needs.

iStatus is our distributed network monitoring platform. You can see all of your broadband connections, all of your 4G connections from any PC, iOS, or Android device, and know which locations have Internet connectivity and which do not.

Patent pending Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) can be added to iStatus, giving you the ability to monitor devices or critical cloud services on their LAN, WAN, or Internet.


Both these devices come with our typical package. This also provides the ability to determine performance issues as well.


To learn more or to see how you can get your failover internet in just days, contact us. 

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