Living here in the panhandle has allowed me to grow more than I ever thought possible. 

I embrace being an entrepreneur and enjoy using the skills I have learned to deliver unique services to my clients, some of whom I hold positions in their organizations.

850 Pro is a consolidation of services I provide through my companies and others. Recently, my focus has been on engineering new WIFI networks and deploying them. I have done this for several restaurants locally. Some of these are; Paparazzi's Gourmet Deli, Javier’s Mexican Grill, Off The Hook Bar and GrillEl Rincon Mexican Restaurant,

Gyro Café, and more. 


For TropicPC, the Operations Manager.

For PCB.Systems The Owner

For Anchor Realty Florida, a licensed inactive Realtor.

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How I Can

Help You

Over recent years, I have been in the unique position to service properties for several Government and private tenants. My services were from previous and current positions. My management includes Enterprise I.T.,  Building Surveillance, Access Control Systems, Facility Build Out and Repair. Some of the organizations I currently work with are the US Attorney's office in Panama City, The FL Dept of Children and Families, the FL Early Learning Center, US Customs Border Patrol, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Veterans Administration Mental Outpatient Clinic. 

In addition to my property management operations with TropicPC, I also provide Property services through PCB.Systems. I combine my knowledge in IT and building systems to provide useful property services. 

As AN IT person:

The biggest issues most businesses have is a lack of attention to the state of their network. Just having Comcast or WOW provide a modem with WIFI typically will not do the full job for business and does not allow you to harness the full power of the internet service. People are typically dissatisfied with the performance of their network and blame it on the internet provider. In most cases, I find the performance issue is due to improper setup or use. 

I have been working on networks since the 90's and have grown and maintained networks for Comcast and From a facility perspective, I have worked with Fire, Cameras, HVAC, Audio, TV video distribution and more. This experience ensures that I will not hinder one system while fixing another and actually enhance and integrate these systems into your network. 

As a real estate investment Manager:

This one is actually my wife's business. She is a Property Manager and Owner of Tropic Property Consulting. I work with her as the Operations Manager. I make decisions on renovation and repairs. I also sometime do this work myself since I am a jack of all trades in most respects. My all around knowledge from computer networks to heating and air  allows me to make the best decisions and help our owners save money caring for their investments.